Photo: Masahiro Sambe

Glass Tableware in Still Life

Glass Tableware in Still Life is an interdisciplinary art project that brings together painting and glass blowing in an enriching dialogue.
The project also wants to inspire glass artists and painters, as well as people in general, to think of the relationship between glass tableware and still life painting, but in their own ways. 
Several painters collaborate with glass artist Yoko Andersson Yamano, who creates glass tableware for their paintings. To begin the project, each of the the painters provided Andersson Yamano with a description of their desired tableware, communicated by words only—no drawings or pictures—to allow for imagination and creativeness to blossom. Andersson Yamano has interpreted each separate assignment and the results are unique, clear glass creations for each painter. The painters then painted an impression of the glassware in their own personal style resulting in a still life painting. This method of creating requires interdependence between painter and glass blower. In return, both partners gain inspiration and explore new ways of working artistically.
The process and result of the project will also be presented in an artist’s book that focuses on glass tableware in still life together with photographer Masahiro Sambe and graphic designer Yuri Suyama.


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